Bite rivals from behind


After Stalk ability activation, your creature has 1 second immunity to bites and other negative effects. Stalk can be used as a save ability.

Start with 100 score

Start with 500 score


(The latest update was on 24 JUN 2018)

Can't Stop teh Evolution!

Hey, guys! You are awesome! We are so overwhelmed by attention to our game in a couple of days after we launched :)

We are a novice gamedev studio. Making great games and maybe even making a living from making great games is our dream! is our first public game. We really want to make it fun to play. Tell us how you want to improve the game. You can do it in the comments down on this page, or drop Artem an email.

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Fady and Fortish are amazing youtubers! They help us with testing, balancing and some interesting ideas for our game.

Check out their awesome vids!